Friday 16 December 2016

How To Build A County Playground: One Book At A Time

Back in 2005 I started a Role Playing Game campaign with friends that grew into what we call County Playground.

Today, County Playground continues to grow in two directions:

  1. I'm building a campaign setting designed to work with the rules set from the PFRPG, an extended multiverse.
  2. I also have written a series of stories set in that multiverse.

County Playground: The Grand Grind is the name of the latest campaign set in the multiverse of County Playground.

I'm enjoying immensely the process of building a campaign multiverse "One Book At A Time."

The first reference work for County Playground is done and on sale. A PC Guide to County Playground: The Grand Grind is available exclusively through the iBooks store. The guide is intended for players of County Playground: The Grand Grind. It provides both guidelines for building player characters, and an overview of tone and history.

The first adventure story set in the multiverse of County Playground will be on sale in the first half of 2017. I'm working with an editor and an artist to produce an e-book that has both a cohesive tight story and a fine cover. The working title is Battle Stove Spectacular.

Both works will be published by Standard Eyre Digital Services.

For 2016, Standard Eyre Digital Services will donate fifty percent of all profits to the Down Syndrome Research Foundation. The staff and volunteers at the DSRF do incredible work to ensure people with Down Syndrome live full and fulfilling lives.

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